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Anagram- Out of Network Insurance Coverage

anagraM LOGOI have VSP, Superior, Cigna, Spectera or Davis for my Vision Plan- and you are not in-network. What can I do?

We understand how hard it is to find out that your Vision coverage won't help you get the frames you really want and need. Being "Out of Network" can be a real let-down.

In an effort to help our clients get what they need, we use Anagram- a system for working with Out of Network plans. In some cases you will be covered and in others you will be reimbursed by your providers .

How does this work?

Yes, our business works with all types of insurance on an "open network basis." As an open-access provider, we may not be in-network with your vision plan, but we can provide you with products and services and still utilize your insurance coverage. If you provide us with a few pieces of information, we can pull up your insurance eligibility and coverage and let you know how much you will pay for services and how much insurance will reimburse to you directly by your vision insurance provider.

Why should I come to you when I can go look for another business that is in network?

We are a Concierge Practice

What makes Heritage Vision Center different is the experience you will have with us. We offer a concierge level of service, where our team will take care of you from the moment you step in to helping you navigate through the insurance submission process. We want to remove the headache with dealing with insurance carriers

Quality comes First

Also, because we are an open network practice, we are not confined to the rules of your insurance policy. We have the ability to carefully select the labs we wish to work with to ensure that you get high quality of designer frames without the fear that it will break in a couple of months. We pride ourselves in the care we provide!

No Limitations- Best possible Selection

Finally- With an in-network provider, you are limited to the type of frames and materials you can choose from. You may only have 5-10 options to select from and this is dictated by the insurance plan you have registered with. With us, anything you see in the store you can purchase and STILL use your insurance!

The only difference with this is that payment is due at the time of service and the reimbursement check will be sent directly to you in 3-4 weeks. Think of it as a rebate program! You can walk out of the store looking great and feeling great without your insurance providers dictating who you can or cannot seek services from.

Ask us about your Vision Insurance coverage- we can help you see better!