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Angie Breland

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My name is Angie Breland and I am the Manager at Heritage Vision Center in Hattiesburg.  As youth I lived all over the Pine Belt so I guess I can’t call one town my home town. My training has been “on the job training” from the best place in the world - Heritage Vision Center! I began with Heritage Vision Center in May of 2015 and am a member of the Mississippi Association of Dispensing Opticians. I chose this field because I wanted to step out in faith and challenge myself to something different. I had never managed a retail store. But I had run a daycare so I figured I could handle anything! It's been an amazing experience in every way and while I don’t have one particular patient story, I can honestly say that every patient story is my favorite.

My family is better than your family! Next to Jesus, my family is what is most important to me. They are loving, kind, serving, funny, and just as crazy as I am! I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. They are my life. If you ever come to work to see me and I am not here there is a likelihood that I am away spending time with my family! Outside of work I love traveling. My kids live all over the country. From Georgia, to Tennessee, to California. And my family extends even into Alaska where my niece and her husband live with two of my great nephews. I also love the outdoors. Hiking, playing with my dogs, camping. I also love to cook and love bringing up what I cook to the store for my co-workers to enjoy. I haven’t given anyone food poisoning yet so I must be doing a good job!

While I love my family more than anything, my Heritage family comes in a pretty close second. I love my staff and especially the owner. He is the best boss ever! (ok, that last part was written by my boss)