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Specialty Lenses

In an effort to help you find the perfect fit that gives you the best vision possible, we offer several specialty lenses that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Digital Progressive Lenses

Digital progressive lenses take precise measurements using specialized equipment that measures the wearer's pupillary distance and the fitting height within .10mm a leap above the standard measuring devices. These are measurements that are impossible to get without the customer wearing the frame the lenses are going in which makes each pair of glasses a custom pair. They also measure the way the frame fits on the face taking into consideration things such as the way it wraps around the front (wrap), the angle the frame rests on the face (tilt) and the distance from the back of the lenses to the front of the eye (vertex distance). All of these measurement ensure the best possible fit and asa  result, the best possible vision through the lens.

HOYA iD InStyle and HOYA iD MyStyle are the premium digital lenses we use.

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These lenses are the only lenses in the world that are surfaced on both the back and the front surfaces to increase depth of field and peripheral vision and are currently manufactured in only one lab in the entire world. They are our top of the line lenses and are the closest thing to single vision lenses for the progressive lenses on the market.

Kodak Unique HD is our number one selling progressive lens.

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It is made here in the United States and gets back to us sooner than other makes of lenses. These lenses are digitally surfaced on the back side of the lens only. Moving the progressive curves to the back of the lenses creates a wider field of vision allowing the wearer to see more peripherally than the standard progressive lenses.

Specialty Lenses

Kodak Total Blue lenses are lenses designed with a blue light blocking material and anti-reflection treatment designed to reduce our exposure to the harmful blue-light waves from both indoors, electronic devices and naturally occurring sources outside. Kodak Total Blue polarized sun lenses give you the clearest vision in bright sunlight and have an attractive blue mirror-like finish to them.

Computer Vision Lenses

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These lenses are designed for the working distance in front of a computer and also are designed to eliminate the blue light that comes from the digital devices we use such as computer screens, tablets, and smart-phones. These help to reduce eye strain and fatigue for people that spend too much time in front of their digital devices

Lens Materials

We specialize in Trivex lenses. These lenses are the safest and most scratch resistant of all lenses. In addition to their durability they are also very thin and lightweight.

High index lens materials are available from indices from 1.53 to as high as 1.74. We evaluate the customer's prescription and recommend the material that is best for each prescription and activity. Some lenses sacrifice one thing for another so choosing the perfect lens for the RX and needs of the customer is important. Our opticians are trained to know which options work best and inform the customer so they can make the best educated decision.

Light to Dark Lenses

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Light sensitive lenses (such as Transitions, Sensity, and LifeRx) will change based on the amount of UV they are exposed to. They darken when exposed to direct sunlight and lighten to virtually clear when they return indoors. They make a great alternative to clear lenses by reducing the need to carry a pair of prescription sunglasses around everywhere. However, they are not a replacement to prescription sunglasses since they do not adequately darken behind the wheel of a car where most people wear their sunglasses. We recommend light to dark lenses for everyday wear and polarized sunglasses for driving and long-term sun exposure.