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Q&A for Designer Frames

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Q: What makes a designer frame more elegant than a typical frame?

Most designer frames go through a design house that spends more time on the design features of the frame. Higher quality designer brands actually put more hands on time into each model. However, some brands are in name only. A designer allows his or her name to be used on a frame brand solely for the money!

Q: What are the benefits of using Shwood brand & why is it superior?

Our favorite new brand is Shwood. While it may not be a designer name, the time it takes to make each one is extensive. Each model is made by hand and it is made here in the US. Handmade means more time and attention is put on each model versus mass produced products.

Q: What designer frames are for women? What style do they give off? What type of women wear them?

In our store we use Trina Turk, Vera Bradley, Taylor Madison, BCBG, Ted Baker, Scott Harris, Lilly Pulitzer, BCBG, Jessica McClintock, and Lacoste. Each brand has a different look. Trina Turk, Vera Bradley, and Lilly Pulitzer are more colorful and vibrant and fun. Ted Baker, Scott Harris, and BCBG are more professional looking, Jessica McClintock is more elegant and Lacoste and Taylor Madison are a good combination of professional and casual

Q: What designer frames are for men? Are they for sports or business/classy style?

Scott Harris and Taylor Madison are more professional looking. Ted Baker, Danny Gokey, Lacoste, and Esquire are more fashion forward. Callaway, Costa del Mar, and RayBan, are more sporty and casual looking.

Q: Which brands are good for children & does it help their confidence at school?

OP, Converse, and Lucky Brand are mini-versions of the adult frames. Some children like to use these to look grown up. But these same brands offer the splash of color that kids enjoy. I cannot speak to the confidence these may instill.

Q: Do all designer frames work with every type of lens like single or progressive?

Yes. The only limitations are the same limitations that would be presented with any pair of frames.

Q: What makes for a good designer pair of sunglasses?

Attention to detail.

Q: Do vision insurances cover designer frames? Is it worth spending more for it?

The vision plans that we honor allow a dollar amount toward frames regardless of the brand. However, the amount allowed helps to offset the cost of the designer frames so it helps someone get a better quality frame that they may not otherwise be able to afford.